• Higley Unified School District's booster clubs are separate entities from HUSD who are committed to ensuring the continuation of extracurricular programs for all kids through leadership and support of our athletic and extra curricular programs.  We are  community-focused, quality driven associations committed to: 
    • Enhancing the educational experiences of all kids.
    • Recognizing the special responsibility we have to children. 
    • Providing leadership and coordination. 
    • Providing booster club-directed support services. 
    • Bringing the best value to expanding the educational experience. 
    • Seeking to provide an environment where all kids are treated with fairness, respect and dignity, so that they have the opportunity to grow to their personal potential.

    Why do I have to have a background check done if Im a parent in the District?
    Tier II, III & Coach volunteers are required to have a background check done. It is for the safety of our students.

    How long does it take for the Universal Background to clear?
    Between 24 to 72 hours and the results are sent directly to HR.

    What is the cost of the Universal Background?
    There is no cost to the Volunteer. The school district processes and pays for this service.

    Where is my Volunteer Application and personal information kept?
    HR has a secure file drawer in the HR department where the completed volunteer applications and background check information are kept.

    What happens to my paperwork once the background is completed?
    HR sends a copy of the Volunteer Information Form back to the school. The bottom of the page has the dates that the application was received, background check was processed and the date the copy was sent to the school. This confirms that the volunteer has been cleared and is able to volunteer.

    How long is the Volunteer application valid or will I have to submit another application next year?
    This is still being reviewed. No definite answer has been given.