• Online Registration

    The district has made the jump to online registration. This process will begin at SMS on Jan. 10th with presentations to current 7th graders. The online registration will open for students beginning on Jan. 10th and will close on Feb, 2nd.  At that point, it will be open for parents to review student selections, approve or change and submit.

    This process for parents opens Feb. 3rd and closes on Feb. 10th.  When your child goes to register, they will view their core classes, as well as select their electives. Here are a few FAQs: 

    1.  How does my child choose their classes?

    As your child goes into StudentVue, they will also choose elective classes per semester only.  All core classes will be pre-selected and locked.  Please make sure you have access to the course guide online to see what options you have for electives.  

    2. What if my child takes an accelerated class now?

    If your son or daughter is currently in an cccelerated class and is recommended by their teacher to move forward, they will. In the future, there will be a rubric set to fairly place students based on state assessments, class grades as well as teachers recommendations.

    3. Can my 7th grade student get into an accelerated course if he/she has not been in one before?

    Yes,  the district is in the process of creating a rubric to afford students opportunities to challenge themselves. Our goal is to be sure all students are properly placed for the correct level of rigor for them.

    4. I, as a parent do not understand how online course registration works, will the school provide time for help?

    Yes, instructions on how to do this will be available on ParentVue. In addition, during the Academic Blitz at WFHS on January 19th, there will be a session on online course registration. Finally, SMS will have a parent night for 7th grade parents 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7th in the library. At this time, the counselor, members of the district, as well as other support, will be there to be sure you get the help you need to approve or change your child's coursework.

    5. I don't have access to ParentVue, what do I do?

    In order to register your child, this is something you must have.  Please contact Angie Marqueling at 279-8513 to obtain this.  ParentVue is an excellent tool as it allows you to stay up to date on your child's grades and attendance, as well.