• Mrs. Lottig on vacation to Jamaica with her husband and two children.

    Welcome Parents and Students to Sixth Grade Social Studies. I'm Mrs. Lottig and I am pleased to be teaching at Bridges for my fourth year now. I am a wife and mother of two. I have been in Arizona since we moved here from Ohio in April 2015.  I had the privilege of working in the Higley Unified District as an English Language Development (ELD) teacher and now a 6h grade Social Studies and Writing teacher. Working in the Elementary, Middle and High Schools has been a great experience and has provided me the opportunity to have a wide range of experiences throughout the entire district in a short amount of time. I am truly excited to continue my work in the classroom through project and problem based learning, simulations, virtual reality and hands-on learning. Through Social Studies, students will use their 21st century skills through a variety of lessons practicing civics, cooperation among peers and collaboration within our school and community. In the classroom I will meet the individual needs of each and every student as we journey through Ancient History to investigate the changes over time to the world we know today.

    Mrs. Melinda Lottig
    Sixth Grade Ancient History
    Bridges Elementary
    (480) 279-8700 - Leave a voicemail
    Melinda.Lottig@husd.org - Best way to reach me