• Dear Parents, Guardians, and Families,
    First, I would like to compliment our community for their genuine concern about our school and the safety of our students. You can be assured that the safety of students is our number one priority. On Tuesday, February 7, we learned of a threat verbalized by a student who was upset with another student. Later that day a different student threatened to injure himself and other students. Both threats involved hurting themselves or another student, but witness statements make no mention of firearms being involved - that was generated by rumors. We could not get in front of social media and postings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by students. Below is a summary of actions:

    1. Gilbert PD was contacted and determined that neither threat was credible, nor did the students have the means to carry them out.
    2. Gilbert PD did park a second vehicle in front of the school for visibility this morning.
    3. Both students were removed from campus, and, contrary to rumors, they were never permitted to return to class.
    4. Students were never in danger. In both cases we learned from the community of the threats. They were not initially reported to administration and were already on social media. Students often report things to us which we address, unfortunately that did not occur in this case until we were literally inundated by phone calls, as was the Gilbert PD.

    Thank you again for being a caring community. Please talk to your students about reporting suspicions to administration. They can be assured that we take seriously what is reported, as we know that students hear things before we do. Often students report suspicions to a teacher whom they trust. We encourage this if they are more comfortable doing that.

    John Ewing
    Interim Principal
    Williams Field High School
    2076 S. Higley Road
    Gilbert AZ 85295
    (480) 279-8010