• Kris Nelson
    Attendance Specialist/Registrar

    Please report your student’s absence before 9 am to avoid receiving a call from our auto dialer at 9:15.
    Reporting an Absence

    Please use the ParentVUE online attendance feature to report absences.

    1. Log in to ParentVUE
    2. Click on the blue "Report Absence" button (if you don't see it, click on the Attendance button in the left-hand menu).
    3. Enter the information as requested and click "Save".
    If you have questions or need assistance accessing ParentVUE, please contact the front office at 480-279-8700.

    Bridges Elementary Attendance Hotline (480) 279-8700 option #2. This is a 24-hour voicemail, so you may leave a voicemail anytime.

    All absences, regardless of the reason, must be reported within 24 hours.  If it’s after 24 hours, a note will be added, but it can’t be excused per district policy.

    Per the state of AZ, we can only excuse the reasons listed below. Other reasons provided will not be excused.

    • Vacation or Out of Town
    • Bereavement or Funeral
    • Doctor Appointment
    • Ortho/Dentist Appointment (Appointment alone will NOT be excused due to it being too generic)
    • Family Emergency
    • Illness/Sick
    • Religious Holiday


    Late Arivals/Tardy to School

    We encourage parents to walk the student into the front office and sign them in if they arrive after 8:10am.

    Early Sign-Out

    If, for any reason, you need to take your student out of school, the parent/guardian will need to come to the office, present photo ID, and physically sign the student out.  For the protection of our students, no student will be called to the office to await pick up.  Please allow ample time for the sign-out procedure.