1st hour: French 1 (WFHS) 

    2nd hour: French 2 (WFHS)
    3rd hour: Prep- lunch - travel
    4th hour: French1 (HHS)
    5th hour: French 2 (HHS)
    6th hour: French 1 & 2 (HHS)

    My name is Murielle Inman.  I will be teaching French I and French II this year.  This is my third year teaching at Higley High and Williamsfield High.  Go Knights and Go Hawks!!! I do not have a favorite and promise to alternate wearing school shirts.

    I was born and raised in Belgium, and my native language is French.  I have a BA in French from ASU and years of experience teaching French at all levels.  I truly love my language with its complex grammar and beautiful pronunciation. I love sharing my culture with the students and bring to the classroom more than language alone.  French is a culture.  I believe it is essential to incorporate the countries' current and past rich culture, their history and their customs with the learning of the language itself.  The French language is alive and moving; I believe that teaching it goes along the same way, it has to be done with energy, infused with fun and intelligence.
     I am available before (at WFHS) or after school (at HHS) on most days.  Please do not hesitate to contact me through email at any time.  Thank you for entrusting me with your child's adventure in the French world. 
    About me:  
    I am married and we have 6 children.  One is married and has a cute baby boy. He and his wife are Higley High graduates.  Two are attending Higley as a Junior and a Senior.  One is are at Cortina Elemantary in 5th grader.  One is at Sossaman Middle school in 7th grade.  The last one is 4 and in preschool at Sossaman... we are definitely a Higley District family!!!  Our puppy is just an extra ball of fluff running around the house, adding more chaos to the mix.  We love to camp in the mountains and get to go to Belgium every other year to visit my parents and my brother.  We have a fridge full of Belgian chocolate, but I rarely share, even with my own kids!
    Mme Inman's family pix
    “Apprendre, ce n’est pas simplement accumler des savoirs du passé, c’est aussi un promesse pour demain”
    Saint Augustin 
    (Learning is not a simple collection of knowledge
     of the past, it is a promise for tomorrow) 
     Les gauffres de Liege Chocolat belgeLe drapeau belge