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Robert Decoste

My name is Robert Decoste and I was born and raised in Southern California and grew up in Los Angeles County. Throughout middle and high school, I was heavily involved in the marching band program and loved playing the trombone and euphonium. In college, I traveled the globe with the would famous Mt. San Antonio College Chamber Singers.

Since my time in college, I have sung professionally throughout both North America and Europe, continuing my pursuit of music while still sharing my passion through education.

It is my belief that music has a permanent residence at the core of human beings and that learning what it is and how it functions, enhances our lives on every level. My job, and privilege, is to share the fundamentals of music through a nurturing and positive environment. In doing so, I will instill good nature, hard work ethic and dedication into young minds so they can go forth into the world to create a better one for the future.