• Brennan Hallock
    Room Number: 215
    Phone Number: 480.279.8500 
    Email: Brennan.Hallock@husd.org
    Tutoring: Tutoring is offered after school on Tuesdays or before school on Thursdays by appointment only.
       Period 1 - Spanish 2
       Period 2 - Prep
       Period 3 - Spanish 1
       Period 4 - Lunch
       Period 5 - Spanish 2
       Period 6 - Spanish 1
       Period 7 - Spanish 1
    Bachelor of Arts, Arizona State University, December 2011.
    Master of Education, Acacia University, May 2019.
    About Me:
    This is my fifth year in the Higley Unified School District and I love the Higley community! I had the wonderful opportunity to start my career with the Higley Unified School District at Higley High School five years ago, and four years ago I had the pleasure of becoming a Sossaman Spartan! I am excited for the upcoming school year and look forward to getting to know each of my students!
    Spanish is a subject I am passionate about, and this year will prove to be an educationally rigorous year for your student. That being said, this year will also provide your student with a multitude of opportunities to enjoy learning the culture, geography, and language of Spanish speaking countries and communities across the globe.
    I find it important for you to know that I am capable of teaching your child to speak, read, and write in the Spanish language. So where/how did I gain my Spanish skills? I first began studying Spanish in high school. Wanting to attend a University in the state of Arizona, I decided to take the required two years of studying a foreign language, and chose to study Spanish. After my freshman year of college, the chance to move to Spain presented itself, and I accepted!  While living in Spain, I had the opportunity to move around a bit, and lived in such melting pots as Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona! It was a wonderful experience to see the different geographic regions of Spain, but even more wonderful was the chance to meet so many people from such diverse places and backgrounds. I met, and became friends with, people from such places as Spain, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, and even Mexico! My experience getting to know these people has enriched my life and has given me a unique insight into the vast cultures, dialects, and vocabulary of each of these communities. I am excited to be able to share this knowledge with your student! 
    Education is another passion of mine. While in Spain I taught English classes to Spanish speakers. It was a neat experience and helped me develop a love for language learning and teaching. I also have experience working in the Gilbert Public School District and more recently at Higley High School. I believe in challenging students, holding them accountable, promoting self-confidence and self-esteem, and helping students reach their potential. 
    Should any questions or concerns arise, please do not hesitate to reach out to me by phone or by email. 
    With parent support, student engagement, and teacher dedication, I know it's going to be a great year at Sossaman Middle School!
    Mr. Hallock
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