Orchestra Teacher

  • Orchestra Teacher – San Tan, Centennial, Cortina


    I am passionate about teaching students to enjoy music for a lifetime. 

    BA: Vanguard University

    E-mail: jill.skolrud@husd.org - This is the best way to reach me.

    Voice Mail: 480-279-9777

    I have been teaching music in  the private sector and/or the public schools for 23 years.

    I believe all students can find an area of music to enjoy for a lifetime. Orchestra was one of the main areas of music I found to enjoy. I began on cello in the 6th grade and soon discovered that it was an important part of my life. I also found that the friend I made in Orchestra becamse some of my closest friends throughout high school. 

    I know that learning to play a string instrument can be challenging but I work to make it fun so all students can be successful as teaching beginning strings is one of my passions.

    I am so thankful to have Elementary Orchestra during the school day this year as it gives students another avenue to grow. My motto is: "I do not just teach kids great music -- I teach kids music to make great kids!" Music adds so much to help with reading, language acquisition, and math scores. Music also teaches children how to be better listeners, get along with others as well as other social and behavioral benefits. Consequently, music is crucial to a child's overall development.