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My name is Tzyy-ling Yeh. I was born and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. Mandarin is my native language and I also speak some Taiwanese. Taiwan is a small island with an area of 35,980 square kilometers. The United States are 273 times bigger than Taiwan. I have two sisters and I am the youngest in the family.

The whole family moved to Arizona on 2009. In 2010, I went to the American and English Culture program for learning English. On May 2016 I graduated from ASU with my bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education.

Before I came to Coronado, I taught at Chinese Linguistic School of Phoenix for three years. It is two hours’ Mandarin class on Sunday afternoon. I was working with kids ages 3 to 5. I also have Mandarin tutoring experience as well. I love and enjoy working with children.