• Michelle Anderson

    8th grade Science
    • Email: michelle.anderson@husd.org
    • School Number: 480.279.8300
    • Voicemail:  480.279.8334
    • Office Hours:  By appointment
    • Tutoring Hours:  By appointment


    • iPad (provided by Cooley Middle School)
    • Black or Blue pen
    • Pencils (preferred writing utensil)
    • Highlighter (multiple colors)
    • Glue Stick(s)
    • One - 1.5 inch, Three-Ring Binder
    • Binder Dividers (minimum of 5 dividers)
    • Lined, Loose-Leaf Paper (college ruled preferred)
    • Spiral Bound Notebook (wide or college ruled, but college ruled preferred)
    • 1 Pack of 12 Colored Pencils
    • Scissors
    • Basic Calculator (cell phones will not be allowed)
    • Dry Erase Markers (multi pack)
    • OPTIONAL: Binder Pencil Pouch
    • OPTIONAL: Ruler
    • OPTIONAL: Pencil Sharpener

    Absence/Tardy Policy:


    It is the student’s responsibility to see me for make-up assignments if they have missed class.  If the student does not seek out information on what they missed the week of their absence, their work will be considered late.  Students are permitted the same amount of time he/she was absent to finish make up work for full credit.


    • 1st Tardy:  Warning
    • 2nd Tardy: Lunch Detention and Parent Contact
    • 3rd Tardy: Referral

    Please refer to the Middle School handbook for more information.

    Classroom Expectations:

    Our classes will be teams of individuals working independently and cooperatively to help themselves and others. The environment will consist of human connection and learning with the expectation of everyone to contribute to the following qualities of an effective team:

    TRUST                                   RESPECTFUL CONFLICT                           COMMUNICATION                    COMMITMENT                      ENGAGEMENT                                    BELONGING                       DISCIPLINE                         AUTHENTICITY                                   ACCOUNTABILITY ACCEPTANCE              CREATIVITY                  CRITICAL THINKING                      COLLABORATION                         INSPIRATION                                                                                                                                                                                                             FUN


    Class Guidelines

    • NEVER QUIT (this includes pushing through the desire to skip class physically or mentally)
    • HAVE ALL REQUIRED MATERIALS (this includes class materials and your ipad)
    • HELP YOURSELF (ask questions, study, do practice work, make up missed notes and assignments)
    • HELP OTHERS (be a difference maker)
    • USE FAILure AS YOUR: First Attempt In Learning


    (**See Code of Conduct for additional behavior expectations**)

    While there is a lot of fun that will be had this year, disruptions to the learning environment will not be tolerated (This includes talking while I am talking).  All students need to respect themselves, others in the classroom, and school property.  Consequences from the HUSD Student Code of Conduct will be followed.

    • 1st offense: Verbal Warning
    • 2nd offense: Teacher / Student discussion and parent contact
    • 3rd offense: Office referral, possible in school suspension


    One of the goals of Cooley is to enable students to continue to learn. Students have 2 weeks from when grades are posted in the gradebook to retake an assessment, and can only do 2 retakes per assessment. In order to retake an assessment, the following criteria must be met:

    • Complete additional practice work
    • Attend 2 tutoring sessions

    The grade scored on the retake will replace the initial grade, unless the retake grade is lower. I will set retake dates, times and locations.


    • Assignments/Knowledge Checks/Common Assessments: 80% of grade
    • Extra Practice (Labs): 10% of grade
    • Final Exam: 10% of grade

     Homework, Projects, Teacher Specific Tests/Quizzes

    • No effort, not turned in – Student will be given a 25% in the grade book
    • Gave effort, or scored less than 50% - Student will be given a 50% in the grade book
    • Scores above 50% - Student will be given the grade they scored in the grade book

    Common Assessments: Student will be given the grade they scored in the grade book


    Student Progress

    Parents may refer to EDMODO to stay informed of what students are learning in class.  Your student will be given their EDMODO code for my class during the first weeks of school. Students and parents have access to their grades at the Studentvue and Parentvue websites.


    Ipad/Electronics Expectations

    Students will receive an iPad from Cooley for the school year.  Students are expected to have their pad every day ready to go and charged if needed. Student iPads must be 70% charged, at minimum. All first hour teachers will be checking iPads, every day. Names of students who do not have their iPad, or one that is not 70% charged, will be sent to the Administrators for consequences. Students have choices and choices have consequences: Tampering with the iPad or using it to view or do inappropriate things will obviously be cause for them to lose their privilege of having access to an ipad. In that case, they will be give alternative reading and writing assignments to complete when appropriate.