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My name is Tyler Hettick, and I grew up in a town called Belleville in Southern Illinois. Throughout middle and high school I never really liked math; it was just something that I had to do. Here is a little bit about why I chose to become a math teacher. During high school I helped at a machine shop that bought and sold used metal working equipment. I would mostly clean the machines, repaint them, and repair them to be resold, but I would also watch people build things.

I wanted to learn how to design and construct items like the people who came into the shop. At the same time, I was riding motocross, and my friends were just turning professional. I became really interested in becoming one of the people on a team who helps develop parts. I decided to go to college for Mechanical Engineering and work for a motocross team as a mechanic or a parts developer. After two years, I decided that engineering was not for me, since I like to be more hands on.

I really began to like math during engineering because I saw how math could be applied and used. It was no longer in a vacuum. The numbers and processes made more sense when they were put in a context. During my time in those classes, I would help my classmates’ study and would reteach them topics discussed in class. This is where I found my passion for teaching. I like to put math concepts in context, so that my students can have meaning with the numbers.