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    Welcome to Ms. Masa's Page  

    ( Mrs. Charisma Masa-OuYang ) 

    I am very excited to start my fourth year at  Higley Unified School District this school year, 2019-2020. I have been a special education teacher since year 2002.  I delved into this wonderful profession because I felt called to serve this beautiful population of very interestingly amazing students.

    Prior to being a teacher, I had the opportunity of working  as chief operations officer in a forwardly integrated agribusiness venture. I am very happy that I followed my heart, jumped paths, and immersed myself completely into enjoying the company of little kids that never fail to amaze me!

     Here is my Educational/Professional Background:

    • Graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Agri-Business Management

    • Graduated with a degree in Master of Business Administration.

    • Completed Teacher Certificate Program, and is licensed to teach K-12.

    • Completed the academic units required to earn the degree in Master of Arts in Education, Major in Special Education.

    • Completed 3 Years of Bachelor of Laws

    • A certified teacher in the state of Arizona, with Early Childhood Education Endorsement, English Language Learner Endorsement, as well as Full Gifted Endorsement (which includes 2Es or Twice Exceptional Learners).

    I consider myself  a spiritual person, who is also very passionate about life and learning. I would like to think that the world is my classroom, and I love to travel and marvel at the beauty of diversity, while immersing myself into varied cultures. I love people and I love learning everything I can about them, it allows me to understand the beauty of heterogeneity in a more personal level. I am blessed to marry a man who shares the same values that I have, and my love for God and for people. 

    Through this journey, I have learned that autism is actually a culture- a very unique one; and gliding through the culture requires an open mind that leads to acceptance, and understanding. My vision is for each child in my classroom to further hone their strengths, while polishing their areas of weaknesses, so that they can look into the future with courage, confidence, and determination.
     Learning is fun in our class. It is a safe place where children are accepted, respected, and cared for. We deliver our lessons with humor, and I guarantee you that your child will come home academically challenged, yet laughing and happy.  I always tell my students that we can always enjoy each other's differences by mere love and acceptance.
    Live! Love! Laugh! Life is short! 

    Charisma Masa 

    Centennial Elementary School: Self-Contained Special Ed Program

    Email: Charisma.Masa@husd.org 

    " Serving Each and Every Child, Each and Every Time"