• Students working with iPads
    iPads at Cooley Middle School

    Schoolwide technology integration begins long before the first device lands in students’ hands and continues long after the excitement of initial introduction.  2013 brought the inauguration of middle schools to Higley Unified School District, and with it the opportunity to build state of the art facilities capable of supporting devices in the hands of each student.

    The device of choice, at the time, was the iPad – and currently every student in 7th and 8th grade enjoys using an iPad throughout their school day.  Additionally, students have the benefit of being able to take this district provided resource home each evening, to further extend learning and research opportunities outside of the school day.

    Over the past four years, we have seen the iPads prioritize themselves as a portal to reaching the abundance of web based resources available for education.  Students use these devices daily to find support for curricular objectives, to practice math and vocabulary skills, and interact with their teachers and classmates in online forums and discussions. 

    Moving into the 2017 – 2018 school year, HUSD will be adding web based file storage and email access to student resources.  As we are all aware, the use of a web-based device such as the iPad is not only a way to support the curriculum, but is also a tool for organizing, planning, and managing daily life.  As we prioritize integrating 21st century skills into the curriculum, essential life and career skills become embedded in our core subjects and teachings.

    We are very proud of our teachers who are masterfully blending the best of what they bring to the classroom with the benefits of new technological possibilities, of the families of our students who provide support for this ongoing initiative, and the students themselves as they continue to demonstrate an unswerving passion for digital age working and learning experiences.

    Should you wish to learn more about this exciting and ongoing adventure, please refer to the iPad Users Guide.  Should you have specific questions related to iPad use in the Middle Schools, see the FAQs page of the users guide.