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    Program Structure

    Our program is a 50/50 model in which the learners are split into two classrooms during the day.  An english teacher and spanish teacher will instruct both groups during the day.  The program will expand to fourth grade in the 2020 school year.  Each additional year we will add a grade until we have a K-6 program.  San Tan teachers teach the spanish language using the ACTFL standards and AZ State Standards with our curriculum. Students who will be in 3rd grade or higher will take a school evaluation in Spanish Language Arts to determine placement.  

    Quotes from Mr. Mercado

    “It is important for children to learn a second language early in their education because research shows that bilingualism supports higher academic achievement, greater self-efficacy, increased linguistic awareness, higher scores on SAT and ACT, and improved cognitive development and problem solving abilities,” Mr. Mercado said.

    “If your child can speak Spanish fluently, he or she will be more marketable in the future. According to Salary.com, bilingual pay differentials range between 5 percent and 20 percent per hour more than the position’s base rate,” Mr. Mercado said.
    Additional Information
    San Tan Elementary School is a “Leader in Me School”, where students utilize “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Students in the Spanish Immersion Program will also take part in those lessons, such as what it means to "put first things first" or to "be proactive." Learn more about the Leader in Me School in a video posted on the district’s Vimeo site.
    Spanish Dual Language Immersion Tours

    Every Thursday at 9:00 a.m. starting November 14, 2019. 
    All tours include a 30 minute presentation on the benefits and framework of the program as well as a 30 minute tour of the facility and classrooms.  Due to the classroom visits, we do limit the number of families that can attend each Thursday. Please RSVP with Michelle Ryan at 480.279.7213 


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