• Summer School

    Higley Unified School District will offer summer school in June 2020. Four options are available for students: Credit Recovery, P.E. for credit acceleration, Math Boost and Credit Earning through Mesa Distant Learning Program. All classes will be offered online.

    For the summer of 2020 only, HUSD will be able to provide free online summer school options for our currently enrolled Higley students. Students are able to recover or earn up to one credit (2 semester courses).

    For more information on Credit Recovery, Credit Acceleration, Math Boost and Mesa Distant Learning Program, please click the tabs located on the left-hand side.

    Registration Information

    Students may only take one credit total for summer school (2 semesters). Students are not able to take both a credit recovery course and P.E.

    Registration for Higley’s credit recovery, Math Boost, or Credit Acceleration courses can be completed using our online system or at HUSD’s Community Education Department, 2935 S. Recker Road, Gilbert, AZ 85295.

    Online registration for all summer school courses is due by May 29, 2020.

    Registration for Mesa Distance Learning Program must be completed on the MDLP site.

    Note: The student and/or guardian are fully responsible for the course selection made. Courses will not be changed once the course is completed.

    If you are unsure of your course selections, please contact your child’s school counselor prior to signing up for summer school.

    All summer school classes are contingent on student registration.

    For questions about online registration, please contact Community Education at 480.279.7055 or community.education@husd.org. All other summer school questions please contact Heather Jones at 480.279.7044 or heather.jones@husd.org