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My name is Loren Considine, and I am overjoyed to be your ELA teacher. I am so excited to be part of this wonderful Power Ranch family. I believe we are always learning, and I honestly can say I learn something new every day.

I was born and raised in the great state of Connecticut, but have lived in New York and Tennessee for extended periods. After graduation, I remained in Tennessee for 3 years, starting my teaching career in Memphis. I then moved closer to my family in Connecticut and taught in Springfield, Massachusetts. With a winter filled with over 22 feet of snow, I realized that I might not be equipped to handle New England winters anymore.

Sixth grade is a busy year with many new things to learn. In Language Arts, we will focus on preparing you to be effective readers by exposing you to multiple genres. You will also work on becoming successful writers while focusing on the creation of strong pieces. Lastly, you will have many opportunities to read and discuss novels as well as nonfiction pieces tied to the curriculum. I am delighted to help you grow as a learner and cannot wait to see what exciting experiences this year holds.