Rebecca Rodriquez


    rm. 221


    Welcome to Spanish or AVID!


    Spain Trip!!

    It's not too late to sign up to go with Sra. Rodriquez and Sr. Yates to Spain! We will be leaving in June for a 9 day excursion to Spain!!!  We will visit Madrid, the Basque Region and Barcelona!!

    Visit explorica.com directly for our tour, see a video about the tour we will take, and get testimonials and pricing.  Email me with any questions!  This trip is such an amazing learning opportunity!!

    This year, I will be using the online classroom "Canvas". 
    Students who need to enroll one of my courses on Canvas, just click on the link to the left labeled Canvas.  Parents and students will have access to the page.
    On Canvas, I will house all of our course documents – worksheets, notes, audio files, etc. It will not be where grades are kept. We still use StudentVue/ParentVue for that.

    If you miss class, you will go there for everything you need.

    There is an app as well.


    Parents and students are welcome to sign up for my Reminders!  Text the correct code to x81010 to be added to the reminder list!
    SPA II:  @wfhsspaii
    SPA III:  @wfhsspaiii
    AVID 10:  @wfhsavid21
    AVID 11: @wfhsavid20
    Quizlet Class Links: 
    Students should join my class on quizlet, it is a great way to practice the vocabulary from each unit.  Click the link next to the class you need to join to practice each unit's vocabulary!
    SPA II:     Click Here
    SPA III:    Click Here
    AVID 10:  Click Here
    AVID 11:  Click Here
    Classroom Materials: 
    For all my classes this year we will need a 2" binder that will stay in class.
    Spanish students will need to have 10 dividers for that binder. 
    AVID students will need 8 dividers for their portfolio binder.
    AVID students are required to have their binder, an agenda (we will be utilizing an app, or students may use a paper agenda), pencil pouch with writing materials, as well.
    Teacher Schedule: 
    1st Hour:  Spanish II
    2nd Hour:  Spanish III
    3rd Hour:  AVID 10 and AVID 11       
    4th Hour:  Spanish II
    5th Hour:  Spanish III 
    Office Hours:  I will be available every morning from 6:45-7:20 for tutoring, or by appointment.