Ashley Mescher


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Hello, and welcome to our music class! My name is Ashley Mescher, and I am so excited to be part of the community of Power Ranch. Other than music, my life involves a lot of friends, family, and dog training. I am also a huge fan of good movies, books, and travel. The world is a big, wide place full of wonderful things to explore and I love learning new things at every turn.

My hope is that music class can be a place of learning, development, critical thinking, and belonging. I believe that music is unique in the way it can be used to simultaneously challenge students and create common ground among them. The joy of music is that it speaks to all learning types and can be tied to all subjects. I hope that students can gain confidence as well as knowledge, team work, and creativity in my classroom. We plan to have lots of fun!

Music class can take a lot of involvement from families, so look out for communication from me as I start working with students towards concerts and show cases. We appreciate and will accept any help we can get along the way!