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My name is Anissa Coronado and I am a graduate of City University Seattle with a degree in K-8 Education. I also attended Grand Canyon University for my Master's Degree in Reading Instruction and Curriculum. I am a mom of 4 children , 3 adult children and 1 son in the 8th grade. I also have been blessed with 3 grandchildren. I love hiking and doing activities outside. In my free time, I enjoy a good book, hanging out with my family, and spending time with friends.

I have been teaching for 13 years! I have taught in many different places including Alabama, Hawaii, Washington State, and Georgia. For the past 5 years I have been teaching 4th grade math and science. However, I have had the opportunity to teach 3rd and 4th grade inclusive classrooms and gifted classrooms, as well as 6th and 7th gifted classroom.

It is my philosophy that all students can learn and grow, we just take different avenues to get there. I have high expectations for all my students and I know that they can reach them and even exceed if we work hard together.