• Picture of Mr. Warner      Pre-Calculus and Honors Pre-Calculus 
    Hello. My name is Mr. Charles Warner. Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility of teaching your student this year. While this is my second year at the "Nest," I’ve taught Math in the Coolidge and Chandler school systems and have been in the Higley Unified School District for the past fifteen years – seven years teaching Math and Choir at Higley High, six years as a counselor/academic advisor(again at HHS), and this is my third year back in the classroom motivating and inspiring students through Math.
    I have a passion for kids and a love for everything mathematical, so teaching allows me to combine the two. My goal is to build math knowledge within your student that will ensure success in high school math and beyond. Your student will learn math skills, thinking skills, problem solving skills, and self-confidence. Our curriculum this year will be based off of the National Standards assigned for the course. The expectation for students is that they will demonstrate mastery of each standard by achieving at least 80% correct on a given quiz or test. Students will have many opportunities to learn and demonstrate what they know throughout the year.