Melissa Mathers 
    Room Number: 245
    Phone Number: (480) 279-8065

    Email: Melissa.Mathers@husd.org
      *Preferred Method of Contact*     
    Office Hours: 
    Monday - Thursday from 2:15-3:00 pm. Monday - Friday before school at 7:00 am.
    *I am available after 7th hour on Monday and Thursday, please let me know if you need me to stay a little longer*
    Period 1: Honors Chemistry 
    Period 2: Honors Chemistry 
    Period 3: Chemistry 
    A Lunch 
    Period 4: Chemistry 
    Period 5: Chemistry 
    Period 6: Prep 
    You will need the following supplies for Chemistry & Honors Chemistry: 
    1. Pencil or Pen  
    2. Bound Composition Notebook with College Ruled Paper 
    3. Scientific Calculator (TI-30 or above) *You may not use your phone as a calculator* 
    4. Clear Tape
    Optional Supplies include folder, colored pencils, scissors, or highlighters 
    Bachelor of Science in Education from Northern Arizona University
    Emphasis in Biology, Minor in Chemistry
    About Me: This is my fifth year teaching at Williams Field High School and I am excited to get to know all of my students!
    In order to ensure the safest and most comfortable learning environment for ALL students, it is expected that ALL students will adhere to and follow ALL classroom procedures and expectations. I understand that every student is different and has individual needs and I am more than willing to accommodate those needs. However communication is imperative in order for those needs to be met. I am always available via email or by phone and I encourage ALL my students and parents to contact me with any questions or concerns. In order to achieve success in the classroom, team work between students, parents, and myself is essential and I look forward to being on a team with all of you! Let's have a fantastic year of learning!!!!
    Please be sure to check Synergy, our gradebook system, on a regular basis. All class information can be found online in canvas.