• Mr. Kotselas

    (Mr. K.)

         World History & Geography (9th/10th)
         Advanced Placement World History (10th)
         Advanced Placement  American Government (12th)
    Email: George.Kotselas@HUSD.org
    Phone: 480.279.7462
    Tutoring: Weds 2:15pm-3:15pm 
             (scheduling an appointment is best)
    Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and Students,
        I am extremely excited to continue my career at Higley High School's Knighthood!  This is my tenth year as a teacher, and this is my 6th year at Higley.  I have obtained a BA in Education with an emphasis in history, and I have earned my MEd in Education Leadership, go DEVILS!  I am also going to finish my second MA in Gifted Education by the end of this school year.  Prior to my education career, I served in the U.S. Army for four years.  I was stationed in Germany, and I had the unique opportunity to experience military culture while also seeing almost all of Europe, along with parts of the Middle East.  I love foreign cultures, government(s), and World History. I cannot wait to grow with you in our experiences as Knights!    
     Supplies for all classes