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    Welcome to Fourth Grade
    Hello, my name is Angelina Alameda and I am thrilled to begin working with you this year! I am a graduate from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and this will be my seventh year of teaching. I am ready to start an exciting year filled with exploring and learning. I am thrilled to be teaching math and science!
    Just a few tidbits about myself, I was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and have a great appreciation for the state's fantastic desert landscape. As much as I love home, and my family who also resides here, I also love to travel! I've most recently explored the wet rain forests of Panama, the icy glaciers of Alaska, the countries of Scandanavia, and the wild lands and animals of Kenya, Africa. Everywhere you go there are always so many wonderful things to learn and experience, things that I hope to bring back to my classroom and share with my students. I want to help support their sense of wonder and encourage them to want to learn and explore the world around them.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Our students are most successful when there is open communication between parent and teacher. I will do my best to help you support your student and assist with any conundrums!

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    or call 480.279.7700