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     Happy Summer! I'm very excited to get back to a new, and back to normal year, in orchestra next year! Below please find the list of required supplies. Please pay special attention to No. 2 below. Please, please, please, do not buy a string instrument for cheap online from site like Amazon or other big box stores. Especially if they are pink, purple, blue, green, or some other wacky color that a violin should never be. You and your child will definitely not be happy with it.

    If you're insterested in summer orchestra, please check out that information here: Sossaman Summer Orchestra Program


    Required Orchestra Supplies:

    In order to be successful playing their instrument, students will need the following supplies:

    1. Essential Elements, Book 1 - For your specific instrument

    2. An Instrument - Instruments can be rented from a local music store, or from the school. Please do not buy an inexpensive instrument from a big box retailer or Amazon.

    3. Rosin - Available at a local music store or online

    4. Cleaning Cloth - Simply a small, dry, microfiber cloth. NO POLISH!

    5. Violin/Viola - Shoulder Rest (I recommend the Everest Shoulder Rest), Cello - Floor Stop (chair strap or rubber stop works fine)


    If there's any reason, finacially or other, please reach out and I will do what I can to get your child everything they will need. No child should have to miss out on musical opportunites due to finacial or other hardships.

    Optional Supplies - Great for birthday/christmas gifts!

    1. Music Stand - Helps keep music up and easy to see during practice sessions

    2. Metronome - Helps keep your kids playing a steady tempo

    3. Tuner - Used to keep our strings playing in tune

    4. Extra Strings - Because strings will break

    5. Shoulder Strap for case - Because kids don't like carrying things

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My name is David Jacques, I’ve been teaching music classes since 2011 but have been a student of music my whole life. From the first time I smashed a few keys on Grandma’s piano, figuring out how to combine those random pitches into something beautiful like a master woodcarver creating art from an old stump, became a life’s passion.

There is simply not enough beauty in our world, which is why I couldn’t be more excited to take a handful of children and chisel away the screeching tones, dragging rhythms, and wildly out-of-tune melodies until we have something beautiful.