• Title: Peer Mediation  Logo - Description: Peer Mediation Logo


    Centennial Elementary is pleased to announce that our new Peer Mediation Program has been a success! This program offers students the opportunity to go through the process in which two or more students in conflict can meet in a safe and confidential place to develop a solution with the aid of a trained student mentor. Peer mediators are students who are trained in conflict resolution skills such as open communication, active listening, brainstorming, and teamwork, and then apply these skills to facilitate problem solving amongst their fellow students. The peer mediators consist of a group of selected fifth and sixth grade students who are led by multiple staff members at Centennial. Trainings and meetings will be held on campus, generally after school a few times throughout the month.


    Peer Mediation Teacher Mentors:

    Mrs Williams 

    Mrs Cromer 


    Title: Peer Mediation Bench - Description: Peer Mediation Bench


    As sponsors of this club we are proud to say that we have something very special on campus that symbolizes our unique method of resolving conflicts between students. That symbol is our buddy bench. The bench sits out near the playground out back, shaded by its own tree and faced away from the playground so that peer mediators and disputants can have a private place to work out their issues and come to an agreement. It creates a stress-free environment for the peer mediator so that they don’t feel pressured to perfection in conflict resolution, and is a relaxing place for disputants to talk to each other and the mediator. Mediators like having their own place to do their good work and we are very proud to have a space to call our own on campus.