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    Welcome to the prospective Spartan information page!  We hope you enjoyed your time with us during the incoming 7th Grade Spartan Night and wanted to make it easy for you to find more information about what being a Spartan is like.  Below you will find a variety of important links that will help in your registration and orientation to Sossaman Middle School.  Can't find what you're looking for? Send us an email and we would be happy to help!

    Email Notification 
    The best way to stay up-to-date on all the goings on at Sossaman is to sign up for our email system.  We use weekly email newsletters and other information and announcements directly to your email.


    Students are in the process of registering for classes next year. After registration is closed, students who are currently in accelerated classes and performing, will be moved to the next years accelerated.  For example, if your student is in Accelerated 7 Math earning a B or higher, we will go into the online system and correct their choices and add Algebra.  Your student has until the end of January to complete registration. Once they have chosen their electives (as the core classes are already locked), and up to ten alternatives, the parents will be able to go into their Parentvue account and approve of the classes chosen. This will open February 3rd. If you need help, in parent vue, instructions will be there to help you. If you need a Parentvue account, or assistance logging into Parentvue, please contact Mrs. Marqueling. If you would like additional assistance in approving your child's schedule there will be an open forum on February 7th, from 5-7pm, in the Training Room.
    Directions for Student Registrations
    We encourage you to check our homepage as the HUSD district office will be uploading step by step directions on the registration process for classes regarding the 2017_2018 school year.  The information provided will pertain to both entering and current middle school students and those stepping up to Higley High School.  Please take the time read the directions in their entirety and reach out to the school site should questions still arise.
    Zero Hour
    Zero-hour course is an optional course academic class offered to middle school students before the official start of the school day.  Instruction begins at 7:40am and concludes at 8:35am.  Transportation from the Higley Unified School District is not provided for students choosing to participate in a zero hour class; therefore, parents and guardians need to make alternate arrangements.  Please make note there is no student drop off prior to 7:30am. 
    As a means to achieve a quality educational environment, thoughtful consideration should be placed prior to requesting a zero hour class.  Student attendance must not be compromised due the early start time, and in most cases, there is a direct correlation between regular attendance and success in class.  Currently, Sossaman Middle School will be offering the following elective courses for the 2017-2018 academic school year:  Spanish II, Computer Foundations I & II, and Academic Intervention.  As we process course registrations we ask that those expressing interest in taking a zero hour course, please email our counselor, Tonya Savalis, with your student’s name and course selection.  Please note student interest and enrollment numbers will be the deciding factor with respect of availability and the course being offered.
    Student Council
    Student Council provides leadership opportunities for interested students.  Sossaman Middle School Council members represent and promote the core value of respect and accountability.  Members create students activities, promote enthusiasm and school spirit, and focus on building a community where each member and their constituents are valued and respected.  Students interested in joining this curriculum based course, will be required to complete an application, video, and interview process.  Applications will be available beginning February 1st with completed packets up from the feeder elementary schools on February 27th with the final day of acceptance taking place on March 3, 2017
    Elective Classes 2017-2018
    As we are committed to offer each student the opportunity to grow and explore at his or her potential, including elective classes, the following video has been provided to spark discussion and provide insight as students are currently completing course registrations.   We encourage you to take the time and familiarize yourself as the video outlines what to expect from each elective course offered at Sossaman Middle School.  SMS Electives Video
    We recognize the importance of a strong working relationship between home and school.  We welcome you to contact 480.279.8500 should you have additional questions regarding the enrollment process.  Additionally, keep in mind our campus will be open on February 6th for incoming 7th grade families and February 7th for all returning Spartans from 5pm until 7pm to assist and support parents with the registration approval process.

    2017-2018 Course Registration Questions 

    If you have questions regarding Sossaman Middle School's registration and course selection, please let us know. Our school Counselor, Mrs. Savalis will be in contact with you

    NJHS (National Junior Honor Society)
    Spartan Buddies
    Spartan Thespians
    Student Council
    Spartan Coalition 

    Any student interested in trying out for athletics needs to take the concussion safety test and have everything uploaded to Register My Athlete.

    Special Education
    ADaPTS Program and Classroom:
    What is ADaPTS, you ask? ADaPTS stands for Autism Disorder Programming Training and Support. This class is designed to work on academics while supporting positive behaviors and increasing independence inside and outside of the classroom. Each student has their own schedule in which they follow. Schedules can be of real-life pictures or printed as a word document, whichever the student is able to follow. Stations are run by a teacher and/or aide and students rotate throughout the day. Stations are labeled by color to help students find their next location. They try to follow the bell schedule, but modify as needed. Students will work on math, language arts, science and social studies while inside the ADaPTS classroom.
    Communications is a class created to help align our programs with Higley High School. This class is designed to help students develop skills to be successful learners, classmates and community members. The emphasis of this course is expand social skills, professional behavior and both verbal and written communication. This course is designed for, and especially effective, for students with an IEP and in the General Education setting for the majority of the day. Students will be exposed to study techniques such as note taking, time management, organizational and transition skills such as self-advocacy.
    These classes are taught by Mrs. Kristen Nash
    CASE classrooms are designed to provide appropriate instruction using alternate academic state standards and on building adaptive, social and communication skills so that students can be successful. Mainstreaming within the general education environment may occur as deemed appropriate by the IEP team. Students are assessed using AIMS-A. and the NCSC.
    These classes are taught by Mrs. Rochelle Intrieri and Mrs. Lizzy Sheppard.