• Marjorie Scott, Registrar
    P: 480.279.7312
    F: 480.279.7305
    Registration Hours:
    Monday - Friday  7:00am - 3:00pm
    It's a great day to be a Higley Knight!!  Please click the OLR button below to start enrolling your student.  I will follow-up with an e-mail once your student appears in my queue.  Please e-mail me with any questions!

    Registration and Open Enrollment for the 2022-2023 and 2023-24 school year is now open.  Please make sure to choose the correct year of enrollment when enrolling.
    Registering Online
    • Please register using OLR .  Instructions can be found here If you have questions in regard to classes currently being offered, please use the 2022-2023 Course Guide
    • During the school year - All paperwork MUST be in by 12:00 p.m. for a possible start date the next school day.
    • Students cannot be registered without the following items.  Please be prepared to upload or scan them. 
    Registering In Person - If you choose to register in person, all paperwork MUST be in by 12:00 p.m. for the student to start the following school day.
    • All students enrolling must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 
      • *LEGAL GUARDIANSHIP OR CUSTODY PAPERS – One of the following must be submitted:
      •   • Current Valid Court Orders
          • Arizona Court Appointed Guardianship Papers
          • Documentation from Superior Court of AZ showing the pending court date for your Guardianship hearing.
            Final papers must be provided within a week of the hearing date  


    • Please be prepared to present these items.
        All students must have a certified Birth Certificate on file. No student may participate in AIA activities without a birth certificate on record.
        One of the following items MUST be submitted and be in the name of the parent on birth certificate/guardian on court orders, or an affidavit of residency needs to be completed:

          • Current Utility Bill (Gas, Electric, Water) with name and address. Disconnect notices will not be accepted.
          • Purchase Contract or Lease/Rental Agreement (must be on letterhead of rental company) – Must be signed.
        To comply with Arizona State Law current immunizations are required for school attendance.  Documents signed by a physician, physician’s office, health care provider, or former school with a signature are all acceptable.  For more information, please check out the health office.
        Students need an official withdrawal form from their previous school to enroll.
      • WITHDRAWAL GRADES (during school year)
        Students must have transfer grades if enrolling during the school year. Failure to provide transfer grades may result in a loss of credit. Student must receive credits at the semester for enrollment
      • AIMS TEST RESULTS – (11th – 12th graders in Arizona schools)
        Please attach a current copy of IEP and current Psychological report to help place your student and to receive the correct services. 

    *If the registrar’s office is asked to request that the information be faxed from the previous school, your registration process may be delayed. Don't print the enrollment packet back to back.

    Thank you for taking an active role in your student’s education.