• At Centennial we pride ourselves in ACTing 212.

    A= Academics (We promote high standards and academics)
    C= Character (We help our students to be contributing citizens through service learning opportunities and character lessons)
    T= Tradition (We have many traditions that we hold close to our heart such as our assemblies that the staff puts on for our students, talent shows, Pumpkin Lighting, Teacher of the Year recognition, Reading Under the Stars, and much more)
    212= Going the Extra Degree (At 211 degrees water doesn’t boil, but just by going one more degree it creates steam/energy and   gets things moving. This is the philosophy that we live by- always going the extra degree in all we do. Click here for a short video on the 212 philosophy.)
    Students also recite the ACT 212 pledge each morning during announcements:
    I am a Centennial Cardinal
    I will go the extra degree.
    I will take responsibility for my learning.
    As a student at Centennial, I will help build a strong community.
    I will treat others with kindness and respect.
    My actions make a difference.
    I will succeed.
    I will ACT 212 at all times, even when no one is watching.