• Mrs. Tomerlin


    My name is Stephanie Tomerlin and I am the 6th grade Science teacher here at Centennial.  This will be my 6th year here and I absolutely love this school and am very passionate about teaching Science.  

    I am a native Arizonian from a small mining town about 45 miles east of Gilbert off the US 60 called Superior.  So small that my graduating high school class was only 30.  That's less than my homeroom class this year.  I've been teaching for 13 1/2 years with 11 of those years teaching Science.  I graduated with both my bachelors and masters from NAU, GO LUMBERJACKS!!!  But before teaching I adventured in retail, jewelry sales, fast food, veterinary surgery technician, and a florist.  I honestly liked the experience of all of those but my love is in teaching not just for what I can bring and give to my students, but what they give me in return; proudness of who they become throughout my class and after no matter how big or small.  There is no greater reward when they see you out and about and ask to take a picture with them to show others they ran into you and then reminisce about all the things they learned and still remember from your class.  

    I am a wife to my husband of 16 years, Brandon.  I am also a mother of 6 awesome kids, Stephan (19), Brandon Jr. (18), Matthew (17), Sebastian (15), Preston (13), and Rebecca (11).  We are a very busy family with sports, camping, hunting, and anything outdoors.  

    I am a huge AZ Cardinal's fan and go to the games as often as I can with my dad who is a season ticket holder.  I also am a Boston Red Sox fan but definitely also love our hometown AZ Diamondbacks.  I was fortunate to take one off the bucket list and take my husband who is an even bigger Red Sox fan to Boston last summer to see two games and tour Fenway.  It was a great experience to see the town, the amazing history, and fans.  I also got to go to Salem which I absolutely loved.  My husband joked that it was my birth place and needless to say a lot of the poor so called witches were sacrificed on my birthday.  

    I look forward to meeting you and hope that you will enjoy my Science class and establish the love of Science and what it all has to bring as much as I do.



    Stephanie Tomerlin