• John Dolan   
    Dear SMS Parents and Community,

    It is my very great pleasure to share that we strive to develop young people into ambitious, successful, happy, and resilient young adults. Our mission is to provide Sossaman students with a highly engaging, student centered, interactive curriculum; coupled with an unwavering supportive foundation that values the strength and talent of each individual. We emphasize higher order thinking, encourage self-exploration through various growth mindset activities, and 21st Century technology.

    Additionally, we create a safe environment where respect, integrity, and accountability, are continually taught and modeled. We focus on creating an atmosphere where respect is shown for differences in others whether it be people, customs, or cultures. Students quickly become accustomed to our Spartan motto of Respect and Accountability as they walk our campus halls. We emphasize both social and academic excellence by focusing on attendance, punctuality, integrity, respect, attentiveness, cooperation, and classroom contribution. Accountability breeds responsibility, and students who develop the skills to target and improve their academics will, in turn, develop the skills needed for high school success.

    My ability to lead solely relies on the commitment of each teacher and staff member on this campus. They, too, share my vision in helping to create a culture and atmosphere worthy of personal and professional growth. More importantly, my strongest supporter remains my wife, Jocelyn. Her love, loyalty, and humor continues to make each day enjoyable. My most brilliant achievement was the day I persuaded her to marry me. Finally, the one who keeps me young at heart is my five year old daughter, Emelia (aka Weej). She remains the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence I could ever possibly write.

    Welcome to Sossaman Middle School. We’re glad to have you part of our journey!

    To contact Mr. John Dolan please contact 480. 279.8513 or email john.dolan@husd.org