Beverly Peden


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Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesday from 2:15-3:15 p.m. or by appointment


My name is Ms. Beverly Peden. My goal is to enrich my student’s lives by increasing their knowledge of history and how those events effect their lives today. I believe that learning about our past can enable change for our future! As an educator, I also feel as if teaching involves more than knowledge of material. I want my students to learn compassion for others and their community while enjoying the experiences high school has to offer.

Teaching Background: I began my teaching career in 2010 at Westwood High School in Mesa, Az teaching Culinary Arts and Advance Culinary Arts. I have been a Black Hawk since 2012, teaching a wide variety of subjects including World History, US/AZ History, AP (Advanced Placement) World History, AP (Advanced Placement) Art History and Student Council.

Education & Leadership: I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Culture from Arizona State University in 2010. Then in 2016, I received my Graduates Degree in Education Leadership from Northern Arizona University. I have served as the Department Chair for Social Studies since 2013 and Student Council Advisor since 2014. I am proud to be part of the Williams Field community! Black Hawks Dominate!