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    B.A. Secondary Education--History, ASU
    M.A. History, ASU 

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    Highly Qualified:  Social Studies, History, and Language Arts

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  • Welcome to Mr. Ranweiler's 7th Grade Social Studies webpage.  On this site you can find information about the course, homework assignments, and the rules and expectations for my class.  Please use this website as a tool to help you be successful this year.  I expect you to work hard, have a positive attitude, and to have some fun.

    Agenda (1/14 - 1/18)


     Class Work




    Progressive Era Civil Rights guided notes--Du Bois and Washington poem analysis




    Civil Rights close-reading, venn diagram, and hot-seat review



    Art of the Harlem Renaissance and DBQ Peer Review activity

     Study Progressive Era Unit Test Quizlet



    Progressive Era Human Timeline

     Study Progressive Era Unit Test Quizlet


    Progressive Era Unit Test