• Dear Students,
    Welcome to seventh grade Social Studies! I am excited to begin the year with you as we dive into what promises to be a challenging and exciting exploration of the humanities. In this class you will  learn to engage your surroundings using your skills as a scholar. This is a survey course that follows the timeline of the American people from the antebellum era to the close of the Great Depression. In addition to history, you will study geography, political theory, economics, logic, art, architecture, and literature.  You will learn to apply all of these disciplines as you form an understanding of the world around you. Social Studies is the study of  humans and the human experience and, as such, it has connections to every facet of your life. Throughout your life you will call upon your skills as a Social Studies scholar. This will occur in job interviews, on first dates, during discussions, anytime you examine the ideas or creations of another person, or anytime you have an idea or create something yourself. You will be able to think clearly, evaluate evidence, assess arguments, draw connections between past trends and current events, and understand the forces that shape the world in which you live. I will ask quite a bit from you this year and I fully expect that you will rise to the occasion. My promise to you is this: during our time together you will think and you will learn. Our year together will be exciting and I am looking forward to it.
    Mr. MacKenzie