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HUSD students will develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills that will prepare them for college and career.


The Assessment and Student Information Department endeavors to support the Higley Unified School District in the following areas:
• Higley Unified School District Curriculum
• Measuring and Reporting of Academic Trends
• Using Achievement Data to Inform Decisions
• National, State, and Local Assessment Coordination
• Student Membership and Attendance Data Reporting
• State and Federal Accountability
• Federal Office of Civil Rights Annual Reporting
• Program Evaluation
• Educator Effectiveness
• Data Gathering for Financial Reporting Goals
• Strengthen the quality of academic programs at HUSD
• Improve academic achievement of HUSD students
• Increase the level of college-readiness of HUSD students
• Accurately report student membership data
• Guarantee all students are counted in the Accountability System
• Fairly and accurately measure teacher effectiveness
• Increase and enhance the visibility and awareness of the district in the local community


  • To develop and implement a methodology to evaluate the educational value of courses, teacher effectiveness, and programs used or being considered for purchase in the HUSD District.
  • To ensure integrity of student data.
  • To measure and identify trends in achievement and report them to stakeholders
  • To develop and implement a methodology to measure academic progress in the HUSD District
  • To research best practices tied to increasing academic achievement
  • To distribute findings to relevant stakeholders.

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