Higley Youth Sports League
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    Our mission is to extend educational opportunities through athletic competition and competitive performance. These 6 week long sessions will promote citizenship, sportsmanship, a healthy lifestyle, and positive life skills in our student athletes. 
    Practices are held prior to game time. Games are held once a week on Thursday evenings (Volleyball) and Saturday mornings (Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball) at Power Ranch Elementary . Practice and game schedules will be sent to parents as the season progresses. 
    2020-2021 HYSL Sports Season-

    Flag Football/Soccer/Basketball Dates: 

    Quarter 1 - Saturdays (August 7 - Spetember 11) Registration Closed

    Quarter 2 - Saturdays (October 23 - November 27) Registration Closed 

    Quarter 3 - Saturdays (January 15 - February 19)

    Quarter 4 - Saturdays (April 9 - May 14) 

    Location: Power Ranch Elementary

    Time: Games are run between 8am-11am on Saturdays. (Practices are 20 minutes prior to game time) 

    Grade: K-2/3-4/5-6

    ***Teams are based off of volunteer coaches. 


    Volleyball Dates: 

    Quarter 3 - Thursdays (January 13th - February 17th) 

    Quarter 4 - Thursdays (April 7th - May 12th) 

    Location: Power Ranch Elementary

    Time: Games run between 5pm-8pm on Thursday evenings. (Practices are 20 minutes prior to game time) 

    Grade: 2-3 & 4-6 

    ***Teams are based off of volunteer coaches. 

    If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Community Education Department for details at 480.279.7055 or email Josh Calvin
    Note: The Arizona Department of Revenue and state statute A.R.S. §15-342 does not permit ECA (extra curricular activities) tax credit dollars to pay for Community Education programs such as Kids Club and Higley Youth Sports League. For further information, please see the State Department of Revenue webpage.