• Higley Youth Sports League
    The Higley Youth Sports League is designed to create an atmosphere of support and shared responsibility so that each and every student athlete will benefit by creating a tremendous mental scrapbook of memories from sports participation. Our goal is to create successful athletic programs for students at ALL elementary schools.
    Higley Youth Sports League has an array of athletic offerings to choose from this year. For your convenience, all the athletic offerings are open and available to register online.
    There has been a slight increase in fees due to program costs going up.
    All practices are held on campus directly after school and practice schedules and game times are in progress. This information is forthcoming. All sports are open to grades 5-6. Cheer is open to grades K-6.
    Sports vary by quarter. Girls Volleyball will be offered twice. 
    First quarter: Flag football and Girls Volleyball
    Second quarter: Boys & Girls Soccer and cheer
    Third quarter: Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball and cheer
    Fourth quarter: Girls Basketball
    We are immediately recruiting players and volunteer coaches to participate. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Community Education Department for details.
    480. 279. 7055
    Note: The Arizona Department of Revenue and state statute A.R.S. §15-342 does not permit ECA (extra curricular activities) tax credit dollars to pay for Community Education programs such as Kids Club and Higley Youth Sports League. For further information, please see the State Department of Revenue webpage.