• Attendance 


    480.279.8000 Option 2


    Absences can be defined as excused or unexcused. Only a parent or legal guardian through telephone contact to the Attendance Office (480) 279-8000, (option #2 and then select option #1) may excuse absences. Please note that students are considered absent if they are 10 or more minutes late to a class period.

    All absences, regardless of the reason, must be reported within 24 hours.  If it's after 24 hours, a note will be added but it can't be excused per district policy.  

    Should an emergency contact sign a student out it will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to call in and excuse the absence within 24 hours of the absence/or next business day. An automated message will be sent every night at 5:00 pm as a reminder.

    A student that has a doctor note when they arrive at school will be excused and it is not necessary for the parent/guardian to call in to excuse the absence.

    If you use the auto dialer before 1:00 pm, the attendance will be updated at the end of the business day. Calls received on the auto dialer after 1:00 pm will be updated the following business day.

    No matter what time of the day a student arrives late to school they must sign in at the front office. If a student leaves campus at any time, they are required to be signed out at the front office by a parent or guardian.

         Per the state of AZ we can only excuse the reasons listed below, any other reasons provided will not be excused per our district office:

         Vacation or Out of Town
         Bereavement or Funeral
         Dr appt. or ortho appt. (appt. alone will NOT be excused due to it is too generic)
         Family ER
         Religious Holiday