• Ginger Woodard
    Attendance Specialist
    480. 279.8000 Option 2

    Call the Williams Field’s Attendance Hotline at 480.279.8000 option 2 to report all absences. Students must have a parent or emergency contact sign them out in order to leave campus early. The attendance line is a 24 hour voicemail, so you may leave a voicemail anytime.

    A parent is expected to report Any Absence by phone (preferably prior to the absence) to attendance. To excuse an absence, a parent/guardian must call within 24 hours following the absence.  All absences not verified by a parent/guardian or authorized by an administrator will remain unexcused. No changes will be made to attendance after 24 hours. Please check ParentVue on a daily basis to ensure all absences are updated. All absences excused by a doctor’s note, court paperwork, college visit verification, etc. must be given to the attendance specialist on the student’s first day back to school after that absence.


    Late Arrivals/Tardy to School

    Students are considered absent if they are 10 or more minutes late to a single class period. Students arriving within the first 10 minutes to class will be counted as tardy.

    • A student arriving with a doctor note, dentist note or other appointment will sign in and be sent to class. Meaning they do not have to attend 1st Hour Sweep. Depending on the time it will be an excused tardy or absence.

    • Excused absences still count toward a student's maximum of nine (9) absences

    • Excused tardies still count towards a student's total number of tardies and being assigned progressive discipline

    • Detention will be assigned for every three (3) tardies in a given class period.

    • The fourth tardy will result in two (2) days of after school detention.

    • The fifth tardy will result in a Saturday School Assignment. Saturday School assignments take precedence over sport practices, club meetings, work, etc.

    • The sixth tardy will result in a at least one (1) day of In School Suspension up to five (5) days of In School Suspension including the possibility of receiving no credit in the class.

    • Detention is every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:25 to 3:25 pm, Parents will be notified that detention has been assigned by a phone call or email.

    • Students are able to work on assignments or homework. However, they will NOT be allowed to use their cell phone. Student Devices can be used for schoolwork ONLY.

    First Hour Sweep

    The campus perimeter gates will be locked when the bell rings at the start of each school day.

    • Students will enter through the front office to sign-in and report to the 1st Hour Sweep room.

    • Students arriving after 7:35 am (*10 minutes late) will report to the Sweep Room for the remainder of first hour.

    • Students ARE able to work on assignments or homework. However, they will NOT be allowed to use their cell phone. Student Devices can be used for schoolwork ONLY.

    • Students that are walked in by their parents after the 7:35 am will receive a pass to class but will still be marked unexcused unless a doctors note is provided.

    • Students will be asked to dispose of their food and beverages when they arrive on campus.