• Williams Field High School (WFHS) is a high school in Gilbert, Arizona. It is the second high school formed by the Higley Unified School District, and opened in August 2007. Its first students graduated in 2010. The school is named after Williams Air Force Base (which went by the name Williams Field between 1942 and 1948; a local major road also bears the name Williams Field). The school is located near Higley Traditional Academy and Lyons Gate Commnity.

    The Higley Unified School District, in the seven years preceding the opening of Williams Field, had undergone a dramatic transformation. What once was a one-school elementary district that sent its high schoolers to Gilbert had morphed into a school district with its own high school and multiple elementary schools. The growth did not stop, and on March 8, 2006, the district broke ground on a 56-acre lot for a new high school. The district eventually opened the 227,800-square-foot campus to its first students as the 2007 school year started. The school is built on the same site plan and with the same exterior as Peoria's Liberty High School, which opened the year before.  The original mascot was to have been the Pirates.