• Third Grade

    Please label the following items with your child's name

    • 4-100-page composition notebooks (please no spiral)
    • 1-12 count colored pencil pack
    • 1-Pencil case (fabric or box)
    • 1-Set of headphones in Ziploc bag – labeled with child’s name
    • 1-1-inch binder with a clear cover AND
    • 1-Set of 5 dividers
    • 1-Pair of scissors

    The following items are classroom community items. They will be shared by students and please do not label.

    • 2-Packs of pencil top erasers
    • 8-Glue sticks
    • 4-12 count boxes of #2 pencils (preferably Ticonderoga)
    • 1-Lysol or baby wipes
    • 1-Pack of wide ruled notebook paper
    • 5-Plastic pocket folders with prongs (plastic for durability, one must be blue)
    • 2-Dry erase markers
    • 1-Pack of crayons (preferably Crayola)
    • 1-Pack markers (preferably Crayola)
    • 2-Boxes of tissues
    • 2-Black fine tip Sharpie marker
Last Modified on June 17, 2020