• Lynn Lancaster
    Attendance Specialist 
    (480) 279.7311
    Attendance: All Absences must be reported within 24 hours
    Call the Higley Attendance Hotline at (480) 279.7311 to report all absences. The attendance is a 24 hour voicemail so you may leave a voicemail at any time.
    A parent is expected to report any absence by phone (preferably prior to the absence) to attendance
    To excuse an absence, a parent /guardian must call within 24 hours of the absence. All absences not verified by a parent/guardian or authorized by an administrator will remain unexcused. No changes will be made to attendance after 24 hours- please check with ParentVue on a daily basis to ensure all absences are updated. All absences excused by a doctor’s note, court paperwork, college visit verification, etc., must be given to the attendance specialist on the student’s first day back to school 
    after that absence
    Early Sign-out:
    All students must have a parent /guardian or a person on the emergency list (18 years or older) come to the office present photo ID in order to sign the student out. It is the preference of Higley High School not to release students without a parent / guardian present. All students must sign in/ out through the front office when arriving or leaving our campus. 
    Late Arrivals/Tardy to School: We encourage parents to assist students with arriving to school on time. Please be aware of traffic issues and plan accordingly. When students who come to class late it  causes a classroom disruption and it is disrespectful to classmates and teachers
    There are two scenarios for tardy students – please follow the following procedure:
    With Doctor / Dentist note: Students go to the office with their doctor note/appointment slip and will be issued a pass to class. If student arrives within the allotted tardy time, parents do not need to call in the excuse because the only excused tardy is with a doctor/dentist note.
    Without Doctor/ Dentist’s note: Students will receive an unexcused absences if they do not provide Dr. /dentist notes and the parent does not sign student in. Parent should call the hotline with in 24 hours of the absence.  Absences without Dr. note count toward their allotted 10 day per semester
    After School Detention: (ASD) - Timeliness and preparedness are vital to ensuring student academic success. Throughout the day, students may be assigned ASD by their teachers for the following reasons: tardiness, missing homework, and unpreparedness for class. Students assigned ASD will serve it the following day in order for students to notify to their parents and make transportation arrangements.
    Health Office:  Any student who is ill should get a pass from their teacher to see the nurse. The Nurse will contact the parent if the student needs to go home. If a parent hears from the student that they are sick and wants to be released from school the parent should instruct their child to the nurse’s office or call the nurse directly at 279-7000 ext. 7315