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Office Hours: 1:15-3:00 p.m. Tuesdays & Thursdays by appointment

Yvonne Warner

I am an Arizona native and graduated from Arizona State University with a Secondary Education (emphasis in English) degree. Teaching has been my profession for 27 years and I'm still having fun inspiring young people to read, write, analyze literature, and learn life lessons!

Teaching runs in my family as my mom was a teacher, I am married to a teacher, and have a daughter who teaches as well. One of the best parts that I enjoy about my career is that no day is ever the same as students bring their strengths, insights, and personalities to class every day, and that makes this profession so worth it!

My philosophy is that every student can learn. It is with their hard work, determination, effort, and overall positive attitude that things happen. I bring an upbeat and positive world view to my class every day and aim to educate (through hard work on my part) and inspire teenagers to go forth and become their very best!

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