• HHS Vision

    High School students are critical thinkers, productive global citizens, and lifelong learners who are united in excellence, honor, and compassion.


    HHS Mission

    Higley High School strives to provide a quality education, in a safe and supportive environment, to develop every student’s character and critical thinking skills. We provide rigorous, engaging, and innovative learning opportunities that foster academic success and optimize lifelong learning to ensure students positively impact the world.


    Portrait of a Higley Knight

    Higley Knights are United in Excellence.
    A Knight is intellectually curious.
    A Knight values education.
    A Knight perseveres.

    Higley Knights are United in Honor.
    A Knight has integrity.
    A Knight takes responsibility.
    A Knight shows respect.

    Higley Knights are United in Compassion.
    A Knight embraces diversity.
    A Knight practices kindness.
    A Knight demonstrates empathy.