•    In the Higley community of schools, we know that school success requires broad-based learning and memory. As a result, we strive to provide visual and performing arts across the grade levels and deliver curriculum based on standards because we know from research they aid in the understanding and transfer of knowledge and spatial learning. The arts help students construct leaning and play a significant role in the learning process.
       A recent College Board Seniors National Report indicates music students with four years of music study scored an average of 47 points higher on the math portion of the SAT, 66 points higher on the critical reading section and 67 points higher in writing. The same report indicates students taking AP Honors Fine Arts Classes scored 78 points higher than those with no fine arts classes on the writing portion of the SAT.
       Beginning in the early years from kindergarten through grade six, students receive instruction each week in both general music and art.
       Band begins in grade five and orchestra is also provided for interested students in grades four through six in a before-school program.
       At the high school level, students who are college bound are required to graduate with a minimum of one fine arts credit for college entrance. We encourage all of our students to continue their studies in visual and performing arts at the high school level. A variety of performing and visual arts classes are offered which enrich the lives and learning experiences for students.
       Please join us as we encourage our students to engage in both the performing and visual arts to develop a broad-based approach to learning and develop important life skills.