• Gifted Specialist
     Mrs. Janet Williams
    Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!
    I am excited to serve as your Gifted Specialist.  It is a joyful experience working with gifted students and teachers. It has been especially great to see students progress through high school and college!  
    GWP room: 327

        This year in HUSD, services will be provided to gifted and talented students by grade level teachers and a full time gifted specialist. We will differentiate instruction to meet the specific needs of verbally, and quantitatively gifted and talented students.  Students receive advanced reading instruction in small groups in their regular classroom. For math, 3-4 grade attend an accelerated math class.

        Students in grades 1-5 are pulled out regularly during the day to work with me during lit cafe and math intervention/enrichment. In these groups, students will have the benefit of interacting with a group of like-minded peers while they receive instruction and complete tasks and activities. 

        Our goal is to help students use deductive and inductive thinking to identify and solve problems creatively. We also provide an environment and activities which foster cooperation, strategic thinking, and healthy social and academic habits.

    For further information about gifted education here at Higley, please visit the husd.org website.   Click on Departments, Educational Services, then Gifted. 
    Dublin High, Calif.
       I loved art, sewing, science, geometry, writing.
    Rick's College, Idaho
       Elementary Education
    Brigham Young University, Utah
       BS Elementary Education 
       Emphasis in Geography
       Early Childhood Endorsement
    Cal Poly Pomona, Calif
        MA Education
        Emphasis in reading
    Ottawa University
        Gifted Endorsement  
    23 years teaching in UT, CA and AZ grades K-8
    2 years of subbing in grades K-12
    10 years of providing daycare/ pre-school/ home school/tutoring/foster care in my home. 
    7 years Cub Scout Den Leader/Cub Master
    4 years serving in church women's organization 
    Member of Association of American Educators
    Some of the strategies and methods I use
    Sandra Kaplan's icons of depth and complexity
     from USC.
    Creative Problem Solving
    Blooms Taxonomy
    Thinking Maps
    DeBono's six thinking hats
    These methods help students learn more than just rote skills--they learn to problem solve, and  work more creatively. I believe in being a "guide on the side" as much as possible when teaching students.
    A little about me:
    I love to read historical fiction because it is an easy way to learn about the world and people.  I have lived in ten states and have visited all but Alaska and five southern states. I don't know when I will get there, but I plan to. I have been to Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and 16 European countries. I want to go to China and Israel...but I lack money and courage. I have 4 children between ages 22 and 29.  I have a mini female dachshund my boys named Moose. I love to swim, boat and hike and watch/help my children make their way through life. 
    I was drawn to gifted education when family members were identified. I became endorsed so I could work with gifted students full time. I enjoy learning about the human mind and development. I believe in providing opportunities for children to learn skills and search for knowledge. The world is full of interesting discoveries waiting to be found.