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My name is Roseann Lilienthal and this will be my eleventh year at Coronado Elementary School. I have been working in Special Education for a number of years. Before coming to Coronado, I was a Special Education district administrator in Rhode Island. We moved to Gilbert, Arizona to be closer to our son and his family.

My husband, Bob, and I live in Gilbert with our five Border Collies, Einstein, Plato, Socrates, Athena and Zeus; our cat, PorkChop; a tortoise named Ralph, Bearded Dragon named Esmeralda

Plato and Socrates, The Therapy Brothers are part of the Coronado staff. They are both certified therapy dogs and visit school weekly. Plato comes on Wednesdays and Socrates comes on Fridays. Students adore seeing them in their classrooms and interacting with him. Plato and Socrates love their job and look forward to visiting school.