(or I haven’t had time to tell you)


    ABSENCES:  If your child is going to be absent, please call the school or send a note to school. (279-7245).


    TARDIES: When your child comes to school after the bell rings, take them to the office. Please don't lift them over the fence. :) We will be lining up in the playground and go into the building at 8:00 am. Instruction starts at 8:05 am.


    P.E. Is on Thursday now, so please have your Smartie wear tennis shoes.  Also, it is best if the girls wear shorts (or shorts under dresses) or long pants on P.E. days.  


    PARENT HELPERS:  We have already started with volunteers so, if you are interested and you haven’t already signed up please let me know.   I use parent helpers to

    help me make books, journals, prepare centers, prep for an activity, work with small group at centers or to have children read to them. The children love it when their parents come to

    help. I know that many of you work outside the home or have young ones at home but would still like to help I have jobs that can be sent home. 


    BOOK ORDERS: I will send home book orders every couple of months. This is a fabulous way to build your child’s

    library a home. Reading improves when children are reading a book that is just right for them.  You can order online very easily or send in a check written to Scholastic works too. 


    Personal Belongings: Please make sure that your children leave toys at home.

     (If all you your child's belongings are marked with permanent marker such as lunch boxes, back packs, coats, etc. it is very helpful when things are misplaced.)


    NEWSLETTERS: The Kindergarten team will send home a monthly/quarterly newsletter. We also will send home other notes and emails as needed throughout the month. Please check your child’s backpack/take home folder nightly. Thanks.


    BIRTHDAYS: Birthday celebrations are a part of our classroom! If you would like to bring a birthday treat for your child’s birthday we have 24 Smarties in our class as of the October 18th. 


    PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES: I feel teachers must work in partnership with parents, by communicating on a regular basis to build mutual understanding and consistency for children. Mid-term reports will be sent home to you in the middle of each nine-week grading period. If you have any concerns or questions before then, please do not hesitate to schedule a conference with me at any time.  We had 100% for our record at the end of 1st quarter for conferences.  I was lucky enough to have met with everyone about each of your Smarties.


    “Beary Special Friend”: Each child will get an opportunity to be the special friend for the entire week. I will send home a pendant shaped piece of paper for each child to decorate with pictures to share with the class. We will display these all year in our classroom.


    FIELDTRIPS: We try to plan at least 2 field trips for the year. More information will be coming home closer to the event. J


    Library:  Tuesday is our day to go to the Library.  Please send in your Smarties book on Mondays.


    Specials: Monday: Computers Tuesday: Music Wednesday: Library Thursday: PE Friday: Art