• I ask that all students come to class prepared with pen, notebook and any other resources needed for the day (see materials in syllabus below). Students are required to contribute to class through discussion, question and answer, and project presentations. Many times throughout the year the students will team up in groups ranging from 2-6 and research topics, construct models and present the final product to the class. Here are a few other expectations for my classroom:
    • Ipads - Students sometimes choose to utilize Ipads for notetaking in class. We adopt a "four corner" rule in my class in which all Ipads are flat on the desk at all times. Secondly, I make it clear that absolutely no games will be played on Ipads in my room. This includes math games, vocabulary games or games that might be acceptable in other classrooms. In this room the rule is "NO GAMES." After a warning, students will have their Ipad taken and can have it returned only with a parents note.
    • Phones - School policy is no phone usage at school.
    • Respect and dignity are valued in my classroom. Students will show respect to teachers and peers at all times.
    • Gum . . . . . School rule says no gum. In my class, this means NO GUM! If a student chooses to chew gum, they will get caught and they will serve lunchtime detention with me.



    • 70% Assessment
    • 10%Midterm
    • 10% Final exam
    • 10% Classwork and Assignments


    • Pen or writing utensil of choice
    • Composition notebook (to be utilized only for science class)
    • Dry erase markers (I will notify students when these will be needed)
    • Colored pencils


    • Retakes for assessments will follow district and school guidelines. These will be explained in class
    • Tutoring times will accommodate student needs. I can meet before school and usually after school for tutoring.

    Teacher Contact

    You may contact me through the school number (480) 279-8300 and ask for room 235 or email me directly at daniel.mcgee@husd.org

Last Modified on July 20, 2018