Keep our Campus Clean Campaign

The students of Power Ranch Elementary are making a difference! The students of Power Ranch are taking control of their campus and are working hard to keep the school campus clean. The student council representatives created a campaign that is motivating and teaching students the importance of why keeping our campus clean is both beneficial to the environment and the students of Power Ranch.
Right now we are on phase one of the project. Phase one is all about recognizing students who a show an interest in helping keep our campus clean. If students are spotted picking up trash on their own or being responsible with their trash and throwing it away, they will receive a green character trait ticket. This campaign emphasizes many of the good character traits we try to instill in students on a daily basis. Our main goal in this project is for students to take charge of the program. The class representatives are in charge of handing out the tickets when they see someone being responsible or caring for our campus. Teachers and staff also help out in spotting students who are contributing to our overall goal in keeping our campus clean.
So far the campaign has been a success! There has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of trash found on the ground and around campus. But it is a daily battle to keeping our campus clean. If everyone took responsibility for their own garbage then we would not have this problem. Once we achieve this that is when we will win the battle on littering at Power Ranch Elementary.