Safe Actions

    Non-Stop Learning

    Accepting Responsibility

    Practicing Respect

    Students are expected to be responsible, prepared and respectful.  This includes the following:

    o   Be in your seat on time with all needed supplies and materials.

    o   Listen and follow directions the first time they are given.

    o   Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    o   Show respect to the teacher and your classmates

    o   Treat the supplies and furniture in our room with care and respect

    o   Keep toys and unneeded supplies at home.

    o   Raise your hand for permission to talk or if you need to leave your seat.

    o   Have fun!


        1st  reminder/ verbal warning

        2nd student/ teacher conference

        3rd student/teacher call or note home

        4th referral to the office



    o   Verbal praise

    o   Gator Great Tickets

    o   Positive notes home

    o   Teacher chosen rewards



              Students should expect to have work assigned daily.  There will be class time given for students to begin each assignment.  Students are responsible for completing their work at home.  They should also read for at least 20 minutes per night.  Students are responsible for keeping track of their assignments in their homework folder and for filling out their planner before the end of the day.  They are also responsible for having a parent or guardian initial their planner for that day.  The planner will help the student become organized and help the parents to be aware of homework, projects, and other due dates.  I will occasionally write a note home in the student's planner.  The planner is also a great place to write a quick note to me.