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    A Parent’s Guide to Support Their Child’s Learning in the Classroom
    30 years of research confirms that when parents are involved in their children’s education, children:
    • Earn higher grades and receive higher scores on tests
    • Attend school regularly
    • Complete more homework
    • Demonstrate more positive attitudes and behaviors
    • Graduate from high school at higher rates
    • Are more likely to enroll in higher educational programs

      Parents can help by:

    • Set a routine time for reading
    • Encouraging the child to read every day at home for 15 minutes
    • Provide a comfortable area for reading enjoyment
    • Provide books that are interesting to your child

     Reading strategies include:

    • Use language in conversation
    • Learn and use new words
    • Recognize the alphabet (Kindergarten)
    • Practice connecting letters and sounds (Kindergarten & 1st grade)

     Remember that…

    • Learning to read happens over time in a developmental sequence
    • Know the important reading skills
    • Be patient with your child
    • Make reading enjoyable